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On Avian (bird) flu epidemic. By orchestrating a multi-year series of alleged “health crises” the US government has now completed putting into place — under the radar — a whole byzantine world of police-state apparatus under the guise of “bio-terror response” and “health care.” This is a very good website for information on the Bird Flu and the machinations around it.

Fighting against pesticide spraying in Tennessee.

The definitive site for information about the Anthrax scare of a few years ago, and its relationship to the U.S. military’s biowarfare program at Fort Detrick, Maryland, where the Anthrax used in the letter-attacks was made.


Mission Statement: With the consolidation of the media into the hands of a few mega corporations, we hope to bring a local voice to the community, and at the same time give the world an opportunity to tune in and learn about our wonderful historic neighborhood, Tribeca.

The New York Environmental Law & Justice Project (a New York State non-profit organization) associated with Joel Kupferman, Esq., has been central in the lawsuits and court fights against mass insecticide spraying and other forms of environmental warfare and dereliction on the part of governmental and corporate predators and profiteers.

All about why and how to avoid pesticides. Presents non-toxic alternative Integrated Pest Management. Alerts public to toxic pesticides in personal care products. Non-toxic approaches to lice control.

Scientific studies on West Nile Virus. This site says that the events regarding the neurological disease called “West Nile virus encephalitis” in New York City in 1999 correlate closely with very high levels of atmospheric pollution. This is the site of Jim West.

A California-based group similar to NoSpray.

Sun Kills
– also about the dangers of the gasoline additive MTBE.

This is the site of Deborah Barrie, heroic  campaigner against Arsenic used in treatment of wood, playground materials and so forth. Pertinent to the Arsenic (CCA) toxification of the environment.

Canadian Coalition for Health & Environment, a terrific group fighting (and winning) against Pesticides across Canada.

Concerned Residents of Winnipeg, whose members have been arrested for blocking the Malathion spray-trucks.

Dogs and pesticides. This site is a long discussion of the effect of pesticides on dogs and humans and contains much good information.

This is the site of Chem-Tox, an excellent source of information on pesticides, including malathion.

This is a report on a study that finds large-scale pesticide uses actually increases the mosquito population in the long term and makes the mosquitoes more resistant to pesticides, making the spread of encephalitis easier.

Scorecard. An excellent database of chemical hazards. A service of Environmental Defense.

The Emerging Diseases site, maintained by scientist Patricia Doyle, discusses Plum Island, a secretive animal-disease laboratory off the northwest tip of New York’s Long Island that may be playing a role in the east coast outbreak of West Nile.

Safe 2 Use – Non Toxic Products and Services – Environmental and People Safe Products.

Rhio’s Raw Food Page, including her book.
A vital key to natural living and health.

National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides/now Beyond Pesticides, Washington D.C.-based. Beyond Pesticides was a co-plaintiff in the lawsuit against NY City brought by the No Spray Coalition.

This is the website of the Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA), in San Francisco, CA, an excellent resource.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and other chemically induced illnesses, diseases and injury affecting civilians and military personnel.

United Farm Workers website.
Visit the website about the documentary “The Fight in The Fields – Cesar Chevez and The Farmworker’s Struggle.”

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