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NoSprayNewz “NO SPRAY” NEWZ #5, October 17, 1999

WARNING: There has been a splurge, lately, of biological warfare stories that use the word “virus” in conjunction with “terrorists”, as in “Did Saddam Hussein send mosquitoes carrying the deadly encephalitis virus to NYC?”

Official “Denial” of a manufactured story is an old trick. It plants the idea in people’s minds, in much the same way that a lawyer arguing before a jury might intentionally ask a misleading question and then, upon judicial rebuke, say: “I withdraw that question.” No matter how strongly the judge admonishes the jury to “disregard that statement”, it remains in the back of their minds. (“And what was the color, again, of Monica Lewinsky’s blue dress?”)

A number of folks who stand with us in criticizing the government in its dealing with allegedly infected mosquitoes have begun, nonetheless, to entertain the “foreign terrorist” angle. This is exactly what the Office of Emergency Management wants to happen. It is the government’s fallback position that lets them off the hook.

At a time when people are beginning to see through the first layer of lies concerning the mass-spraying, the “terrorist” angle reframes the argument away from our charge that the government has jeopardized the health and safety of the people and environment of New York by its repeated and indiscriminate spraying of dangerous insecticides, and adroitly shifts the argument to: “Was it, or was it not a terrorist attack?” If you answer yes, then the U.S. government, of course, is “protecting” its citizenry by using the mass spraying and subsequent random blood sampling to develope a vaccine. Critics are reduced to saying: “Perhaps Giuliani and the CDC were a bit overzealous, but it was an emergency. The government was attempting to protect us.” So much for our arguments that no “epidemic” existed with regard to the relatively mild West Nile-like encephalitis to begin with or that, in any case, mass and indiscrimiante spraying is not the answer. Once we allow for the argument to revolve around a “foreign” threat, then all New Yorkers stand united as potential victims in the face of a common external enemy.

Nor is arguing that “there is no foreign threat,” sufficient. The Office of Emergency Management responds with: “Well, not this time. But we must be prepared” — that nationalistic “we”, whom the “foreigners” are trying to kill. Those become the two new poles of debate. Everything else is lost. We forget that it is our own government that is mass spraying us. And we also forget that it has been the US government that has promoted biological and chemical warfare experimentation around the world, including right here at home “on our own people”.

Along these lines, researcher Jim West warns us that such unproven drama and the creation of widespread and barely suppressed panic is precisely what the vaccine and pesticide industries try to accomplish in order to sell their products. Check out the manipulative virus/terrorist language on PICO, for example, an orthodox polio website:

“As a terrorist weapon, poliovirus is nearly ideal… Conservatively, we estimate that a release of poliovirus into a city with 10 million unvaccinated individuals would result in approximately 7,000 casualties — enough people to fill sixteen Boeing 747s. Simultaneous release in several locations at once would presumably push that number higher.” – Alan Dove, Ph.D., Columbia University polio website,

Conclusion? Dr. Dove goes on to advocate expansion of vaccination programs.

It is crucial that we stay focussed on the SPRAYING. Foreign “terroristic” viruses are not what any of this is about and are, indeed, a fiction. As Jim West reminds us, by mass spraying us with pesticides, the government is conducting biological and chemical warfare on us. Don’t be diverted.

2. With all those caveats it mind, let’s talk about the CIA.

The very first mention I’ve seen of the CIA’s investigation and subsequent “denial” of foreign terrorist involvement in the enecephalitis “outbreak” in NYC came in a Reuters article dated Oct. 10. “The CIA is investigating whether a recent outbreak of West Nile-like fever in New York might have been an attempt at bio-terrorism, The New Yorker magazine reported Sunday [Oct. 10].” Government officials were skeptical about foreign “terrorists” releasing West Nile-LIKE virus in New York (let’s not forget that “Like”, meaning they haven’t a clue as to what, if anything, it is!). But instead of taking the next logical step of condemning the mass and indiscriminate spraying of New York, the press has APPLAUDED it! “Many experts have been warning for years that the United States is vulnerable to a bio-terrorism attack. But none has ever named West Nile as one of the potential weapons — anthrax, botulin toxin and even bubonic plague are considered to be the potential weapons of choice.”

So, there we have it. The argument has been shifted, and we need to shift it back. The fact that it has been the US that has been exporting genetically engineered anthrax (and vaccine!) around the world — including dozens of vials to Saddam Hussein, under the authorization of George Bush — is ignored, as is the entire movement against mass-spraying.

3. However, contrast all of that to a Reuters article published THE WEEK BEFORE the “foreign terrorist” virus story broke:

“Psychiatrists urged to prepare for terrorism effects

“NEW YORK, Oct 06 (Reuters Health) — Widespread mental health disorders would follow an act of terrorism involving chemical or biological weapons on US soil, making early and ongoing psychiatric treatment essential for affected communities, predicts a psychiatrist working with the US Navy.

“Remote though the possibility of a terrorist-authored chemical or biological incident in an American community may be, we must prepare for one,” according to Dr. Cleto DiGiovanni, Jr., from the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. His review article is published in the October issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.

“In his report, DiGiovanni catalogs the breadth of mental illnesses that can result from the actual or feared exposure to chemical or biological weapons. Nerve agents, for example, can cause depression, insomnia, impaired thinking, and antisocial thoughts. Even the drug most commonly used to treat nerve agent exposure, atropine, “can produce psychiatric side effects ranging from drowsiness to hyperactivity, hallucinations, and coma,” he writes.

“Biological weapons can diminish the ability to think clearly and produce depression, irritability, and hallucinations, he adds.

“One role of psychiatrists in the management of domestic terrorism is to distinguish between physical effects and psychiatric effects of the agent or the threat of exposure. According to DiGiovanni, the uncertainty and surprise surrounding possible exposure to unfamiliar threats can spawn fear, panic, and psychosomatic disorders. A careful psychiatric examination can sort out the physical effects of the agents from the psychological response of the exposed person.

“In order to be able to distinguish between physical and psychiatric effects, though, “psychiatrists should become familiar with the effects of, and treatment for, the chemical and biological agents that may be used in a terrorist incident,” he suggests.

“Psychiatrists will be involved in several aspects of the management of a chemical or biological incident, according to DiGiovanni. “That role includes immediate treatment of individual patients and groups of patients who are experiencing the psychological impact of a mass disaster, organizing and managing the delivery of mental healthcare by others to the community, and assisting local medical facilities and community leaders in the control of widespread anxiety, fear, and perhaps even panic,” he writes.

“Potential patients can take some comfort in the fact that effective therapies are available for the range of psychological problems they might experience as a result of domestic terrorism, DiGiovanni reports, although survivors of any disaster could require prolonged care.”

SOURCE: American Journal of Psychiatry 1999;156:1500-1505.

When one considers that such articles are written long before publication date, we have a number of pieces concerning biological “terrorism” in place just as the “encephalitis” mosquitoes (allegedly) hit New York.

4. First, we had birds dying. Then, one Queens resident died in an “outbreak” of St. Louis Encephalitis that was proven as such in the labs — or so it was claimed. The mass spraying began on Sept. 2, and two more people in Queens died of St. Louis Encephalitis.

Then — and not through any lab work, remember — Dr. McNamara at the Bronx Zoo figured out that it couldn’t have been STE because of the origin of some birds that were dying. So they sent more tissue to the labs and they found they’d died from West Nile virus. This, too, was proven in the labs.

We know scientists make mistakes. But, we might do well to ask how such an EXACT, PRECISE mistake could have been made. Didn’t the scientists say they had checked the amino acid sequence in the structure of the virus, originally, and found it matched exactly with STE? How could it now turn out to have been something else?

Okay. Now they were sure it was West Nile. But then some new discrepancies were “found”. It became “West Nile-LIKE virus.” Again, the same question as above. While we can certainly understand mistaken INTERPRETATIONS of data, how could an exact chemical and genetic analysis go wrong?

The Center for Disease Control says that there had been some problems because the disease was so “exotic” and rare.

However, Oxford University researcher Ernest Gould says just the opposite. And he should know — he INVENTED the standard procedure for identifying the virus a number of years ago! Here’s his letter, from Sept. 29, 1999:

“I find it strange that there should be so much confusion over the identity of the virus causing all the panic in New York.

“There is a monoclonal antibody (546) which I published years ago that identifies West Nile virus uniquely, i.e., it is negative for Kunjin virus or any other flavivirus. This monoclonal antibody will show up in an immunofluorescence test on infected brain smears and almost certainly will have been used in the tests in Colorado, since I supplied it to them some years ago.

“Moreover, if there are sequence data spanning the envelope gene (which I am sure there are by now), then it is quite easy to distinguish West Nile from Kunjin or SLE [viruses] for that matter. The amino acid sequences of each of these viruses are unique and many of the people at CDC Colorado are perfectly capable of identifying these viruses precisely using standard alignment methods.

“Therefore, I cannot understand why the virus is constantly referred to as “WN-like” virus — unless of course it is neither WN nor Kunjin virus.

“The question of how and when it arrived in the USA is of course intriguing but that should be a reasonably easy question to answer now that the sequence data are available.”

Clearly, the CDC is complicit in some shady doings that have little to do with the handful of cases of encephalitis. The entire operation has the feel of a “set up”. In my view, it has to do with militarizing and integrating government military, police and “health” preparedness networks in preparation for imposing martial law — a war being orchestrated from the Office of Emergency Management’s “bunker” on the 22nd floor of the World Trade Center, in which we, the people, are seen as “the enemy”. And, of course, if OraVax is able to mass-market a “vaccine” around all of this, why miss an opportunity to manufacture a “crisis” and make a few billion off of the orchestrated panic of the entire population?

We can stop it. We are doing a good job. Now is the time to ESCALATE the struggle, not sit back and wait for the next round of spraying. Now, more than ever, the future will be what we the people struggle to make it.

Mitchel Cohen

[Special thanx to Sister Julian and Joyce Shepard for digging up some of the articles and quotes used here.]


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