Pesticides in the News

Pesticides in the News:

Apples top most pesticide-contaminated list (June 13, 2011)

Thousands Exposed to Poison by Government’s Aerial Spraying

Penalty Upheld Against New York City For Violating Clean Water Act

Environmental law begins in N.Y. this week

NALED Insecticide Fact Sheet

Spraying In California For West Nile Controversy (Posted 8/25/2005)

23 Farm Workers Rushed to Hospital Due To Pesticide Drift (Posted 5/14/2005)

27 Children Die From Eating Food Containing Pesticide (Posted 3/16/2005)

Asthma Costs Skyrocket in the Face of Pesticide Spraying

Lobster Die-Off Linked to Pesticides

Secret Experiments by the U.S. government’s chemical and biological warfare apparatus, a small sample made public, chronicled by Mitchel Cohen, published in New Living Magazine, October, 2000.

Pesticides are NOT SAFE! by Mitchel Cohen, published in New Living Magazine, October, 2000.

Study Abstracts Studies on Malathion and its harmful effects on humans, the biosphere and the environment generally, from peer-reviewed and other authoritative sources. Put together by Mitchel Cohen

Prospect Park 3 have been set free(PDF) Brooklyn court drops all charges on “Pesticide Truck Blockers” arrested in Prospect Park on the night of August 18-19, 2000 (announcement by BAN-PP/ARMM)

WNV-Mosquito Bite Odds: If bitten by a West Nile Virus-bearing mosquito, you then have about a 1 in 300,000 chance of getting at all sick, according to NYC health officials!

Tainted milk likely killer of at least 28 Peruvian school children

Giuliani’s Latest Efforts to Poison NYC with IG Farben Chemicals by Robert Lederman: “Yesterday I watched Giuliani and Stern’s press conference on the plan to inject ten thousand trees in Brooklyn and Queens NY with imidacloprid in response to Asian Longhorn Beetles. Ghoulish to say the least….”

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