The deBlasio administration continues the poisonous practices of its predecessors and resumes pesticide spraying in southern Brooklyn. Tuesday, August 25, between the hours of 8:30 … Read more

Pesticide spraying in Staten Island Weds, August 12, 2020

Parts of Staten Island will undergo pesticide spraying on Wednesday as a part of the city government’s absurd goal to rid the five boroughs of … Read more


  TAKE ACTION! Tell Public Officials to Stop Mosquito Spraying and Adopt a Safe, Effective Mosquito Management Plan Does your community spray toxic pesticides for mosquitoes? … Read more

NYC to Spray Toxic Poisons in Brooklyn and Queens August 29th

From No Spray Coordinator Mitchel Cohen: I just checked the street poles around a park near my apartment in the spray zone where little kids … Read more

Truck Spraying Pesticides down NYC Streets

For 20th Year, New York City Continues Toxic and Indiscriminate Pesticide Spray Program – Queens, The Bronx to be Sprayed August 15

No Spray Coalition Took NYC to Court to Stop Spraying Under Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 2000 When Will it End? No Review of the West … Read more

Book Cover The Fight Against Monsanto's Roundup Mitchel Cohen

No Spray’s Mitchel Cohen on Book Tour in California to Support “The Fight Against Monsanto’s Roundup” – August Dates

No Spray Coalition Coordinator Mitchel Cohen will be speaking at these book events discussing his recent release, “The Fight Against Monsanto’s Roundup: The Politics of … Read more

No Spray Coalition to Host Panel “The Politics of Pesticides” at Left Forum NYC Friday, June 28

No Spray Coalition hosts a panel at the 2019 Left Forum Friday, June 28th at 5 p.m.: “The Politics of Pesticides: Some Things Leftists Don’t … Read more

The unseen carcinogenic danger lurking in New York City’s public parks – The Guardian

The unseen carcinogenic danger lurking in New York City’s public parks Opinion piece by Ben Kallos, June 6, 2019, The Guardian City councilman Ben Kallos … Read more


by Jim Mann What would the public think about a multi-billion dollar conglomerate that filed a bogus lawsuit against a frail and elderly 80 year-old … Read more

New Book: The Fight Against Monsanto’s Roundup: The Politics of Pesticides by No Spray Coalition’s Mitchel Cohen

THE FIGHT AGAINST MONSANTO’S ROUNDUP The Politics of Pesticides Written and edited by M i t c h e l     C o h e … Read more

Study: You are not Gluten Intolerant; You are Glyphosate Intolerant

Study blames Roundup herbicide for gluten intolerance and celiac disease epidemic From Get Holistic Health: “Celiac disease, and, more generally, gluten intolerance, is a growing … Read more

Coconut-Derived Insect Repellent More Effective Than Hazardous DEET

Coconut-Derived Insect Repellent More Effective than the Hazardous DEET Via Beyond Pesticides, November 6, 2018 Scientists working for USDA’s Agricultural Research Service in Lincoln, Nebraska … Read more

New Mosquito Spraying “Events”: Toxic Pesticides to be Sprayed by Truck August 22 & 23 in Queens, Bronx, Brooklyn (2X)

Bronx map of areas for pesticide spraying[/caption]Yet again, New York City will be spraying dozens of neighborhoods across three boroughs with toxic pesticides on Wednesday, … Read more

Staten Island to be Sprayed with Toxic Pesticides This Evening, August 16th; In Four Boroughs Larvaciding by Helicopter Aug. 16, 17, 20

New York City has scheduled pesticide spraying by truck this evening, Thursday, August 16th between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. in Staten Island. Areas to … Read more

New York City Spraying Harmful & Carcinogenic Pesticides in Brooklyn Tonight | Unchecked Spray “Program” Now in 19th Year

When will this toxic pesticide spraying end? Large sections of Brooklyn will be sprayed this evening, August 9th. The pesticide spraying program for West Nile … Read more

Rachel Carson on Malathion, “Dangerous Interactions” between Pesticides

An important note from Rachel Carson’s seminal book, Silent Spring, released in 1962: A NOTE FROM RACHEL CARSON Malathion, another of the organic phosphates, is … Read more

No Spray Coalition Condemns De Blasio Admin for Toxic Pesticide Spraying; 18th Year of Harmful Spraying for West Nile Virus

Pesticide Spraying Harms Human Health, Animals, Beneficial Insects, Entire Eco System   The New York City Department of Health began its 18th year of pesticide … Read more

SPRAY VS. NO SPRAY: Comparative Analysis of 14 Cities Which Spray Pesticides for West Nile Virus Vs. Those That Don’t

Analysis shows no Increase in Occurrence of West Nile Virus in Cities That Do Not Spray Pesticides The No Spray Nashville group analyzed data based … Read more

plane sprays pesticide by air

Victory! Oregon County Votes to Ban Aerial Pesticide Spraying

Lincoln County (Oregon) Bans Aerial Pesticide Spraying Voters vote YES on Measure 21-177 in narrow victory over pesticide companies First electoral ban of pesticides in … Read more

“Beneficial” Insects act as Alternative to Harmful & Toxic Pesticides

At the No Spray Coalition, we try to be inclusive to all beings while recognizing that there are instances where some are more “wanted” than … Read more

Spray Truck Spews Pesticides in Brooklyn


City Still Using Pesticides Despite 2005 Law Banning Them By Elah Feder | August 10, 2015 City Limits JJ Harrison Anvil 10+10, the insecticide used … Read more

Remembering Valerie Sheppard, co-founder of NoSpray Coalition

VALERIE SHEPPARD August 24 1953 – July 16, 2004 Valerie was a founding member of the No Spray Coalition — that’s how I first met … Read more

essential oils as insect repellants

How Essential Oils Keep Mosquitoes Away in a Non-Toxic, Natural Way | Alternative to Harmful Pesticides

Via GreenMedInfo, some great information on Essential Oils as a way to keep mosquitoes away in a non-toxic, natural manner: Essential Oils Proven to Send … Read more

pesticide spraying

Fact Sheet on NALED Insecticide Being Sprayed for Zika

NALED Insecticide Fact Sheet [Original page on this site can be found here – go there to see many comments.] Naled is an insecticide in … Read more

Spraying Glyphosate / Roundup

Dr. Jeffrey Dach: Is it Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure?

Is It Zika Virus or Glyphosate Exposure ? by Jeffrey Dach MD The news media has been reporting the Zika virus as the cause of … Read more