5 thoughts on “No Spray v. NYC Lawsuit

  1. Hello I would love to know more, they just started spraying in Wynwood Miami. I have a two year old son, and we had the airplane spraying over our head. Nailed. Super Toxic. unacceptable. How can I take action? Class action? Please help

  2. I would really like to see some updates on this.

    Last night my neighborhood was sprayed with the Anvil, and this morning I woke up with all of the following symptoms:

    – massive headache
    – random and persistent itching and rashes all over my skin
    – difficulty breathing through nose
    – brain fogginess
    – nausea and lack of appetite

    and all around literally feeling as though I was poisoned. Called out sick and later in the day, took a brief trip to the pharmacy on my block to look for something to help. I reach for a bottle of Vitamin C and there’s a MOSQUITO buzzing around my hand!! Right after their spraying! This area never has mosquitos in the daytime, I have never seen this before in this story or anywhere else in the daytime in my neighborhood.

    If enough people complain of adverse health effects, perhaps there’s a chance we can make this into a class action suit?

  3. Please keep me informed, my son has been damaged by the spraying Naled, hospitalized for over 10 days, we live in Collier County in Florida

  4. They have been spraying Naled in California for many years and reports of pets dying, many people having heart attacks, chronic nervous system damage. I’d like to know how to join a class action suit in CA before they EVER have chance to spray it again. If you study Naled (or another name for it, Dibrom) it is nerve gas used in WWII Germany. There are less toxic sprays, if they must spray at all. But this aerial spraying of neighborhoods has screwed up the eco system, never see bees or butterflies, ever and people sick and not paying attention to the spraying. The thing is in CA (don’t know about other states) they do not have to send out any warning, they can spray indiscriminately at any time. Lawyer needed NOW before they start spraying this summer!

  5. I’d like to know more. My community in South Carolina is sprayed yearly under power lines. It is a long ugly slow death to the environment! WE LIVE AT A HUGE LAKE. I know the runoff goes into ground water AND the lake!

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