No Spray v. NYC Lawsuit

more coming…


  • Hello I would love to know more, they just started spraying in Wynwood Miami. I have a two year old son, and we had the airplane spraying over our head. Nailed. Super Toxic. unacceptable. How can I take action? Class action? Please help

  • Nat

    I would really like to see some updates on this.

    Last night my neighborhood was sprayed with the Anvil, and this morning I woke up with all of the following symptoms:

    – massive headache
    – random and persistent itching and rashes all over my skin
    – difficulty breathing through nose
    – brain fogginess
    – nausea and lack of appetite

    and all around literally feeling as though I was poisoned. Called out sick and later in the day, took a brief trip to the pharmacy on my block to look for something to help. I reach for a bottle of Vitamin C and there’s a MOSQUITO buzzing around my hand!! Right after their spraying! This area never has mosquitos in the daytime, I have never seen this before in this story or anywhere else in the daytime in my neighborhood.

    If enough people complain of adverse health effects, perhaps there’s a chance we can make this into a class action suit?

  • Katie Biondi

    Please keep me informed, my son has been damaged by the spraying Naled, hospitalized for over 10 days, we live in Collier County in Florida

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