Letter NYS Rep Ackerman to Jerome Hauer

(1999 or 2000)

Letter from Congress Rep. Ackerman to Jerome Hauer, at the time director of NYC’s Office of Emergency Management.

Dear Mr. Hauer:

Due to increased concerns by myself and my constituents, I write to ask your assistance in obtaining certain information regarding New York City’s recent Malathion insecticide spraying in the wake of the outbreak of the mosquito borne, West Nile Virus.  Specifically, I am requesting the following:

  • Copies of all the studies conducted by the City of New York on Malathion.
  • Documentation indicating the concentration levels of the Malathion used in the spraying.
  • Documentation indicating the temperature at which the storage drums containing the Malathion were stored before and during its spraying.
  • An explanation of whether the city published to local medical directors and hospitals, the public health affects of Malathion and if not, why?
  • Whether the Environmental Protection Agency ( EPA) granted the city an exemption to spray over a populated city, if not, why the spraying was conducted?
  • An explanation of why the city did not test for Malathion levels when taking random samples of blood from Queens residents.
  • Documentation detailing who oversaw the Malathion spraying project.

I am confident that you can accommodate this simple request.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Gary L. Ackerman
Member of Congress

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