Giuliani’s latest efforts to poison NYC with IG Farben chemicals

by Robert Lederman

Yesterday I watched [Mayor Rudolph] Giuliani and [Parks Commissioner Henry] Stern’s press conference on the plan to inject ten thousand trees in Brooklyn and Queens NY with imidacloprid in response to Asian Longhorn Beetles. Ghoulish to say the least.

Guess what little fact they left out? Imidacloprid is manufactured by Bayer, which was the main component of Nazi Germany’s IG Farben chemical cartel. Organophosphate insecticides such as Malathion and Zyklon-b are two other of their products you may be familiar with.

IG Farben was half-owned by the Rockefeller family. IG Farben/Standard Oil built Auschwitz and forty other concentration/slave labor camps in Germany and occupied Europe.

Many researchers now believe that Mad Cow Disease is caused, not by infected cattle feed, but by heavy exposure to pesticides which the cows are treated with. As in all pesticide and chemical exposure the effect is cumulative. The more exposures an organism has the more sensitive they become to the chemical.

Imidacloprid is very harmful to bees according to information from sources other than Bayer. It is a cholinasterase inhibitor as is Malathion and can be expected to have similar neurological effects on humans and to be similarly destructive to the environment.

At their press conference Giuliani and Stern appeared to be doing a sick comedy routine with Giuliani assuring the assembled reporters that he’s proud of his Hitlerian Parks Department nickname, eagle, and equally proud of Henry Stern, who is being investigated for corruption, racism, misuse of funds etc. Where’s Giuliani’s “decency commission” when you really need it?

Giuliani and his loyal henchmen like Henry Stern -who would do anything to keep his job as Parks Commissioner – are the single greatest threat to public safety in NYC. Close to ten thousand trees are each going to be injected with ounces of this chemical which travels upwards in the sap throughout the tree. As soon as the leaves fall off and disintegrate, the poison will be in our water and freely circulate as dust in the air we breath. Children will be playing in it, tracking it into their homes on their shoes and clothes. Does one need to be a scientist to figure out what happens to the birds, small animals and beneficial insects that live on and around the trees?

Around the same time the Imidacloprid is being released into our air from decaying leaves the Mayor plans to be once again spraying us with Malathion. The City just began taking bids for the chemical spraying that will be done this year. Throughout his career there is a pattern linking Giuliani to Hitler. His fascination with using chemicals from IG Farben on human beings is just one of many such links.

“Freedom is not a concept in which people can do anything they want, be anything they can be. Freedom is about authority.” Mayor Giuliani, New York Times, March 17, 1994

“Robert Lederman, 49, a street artist who has protested for years against Mayor Giuliani’s policies, often arrives with dozens of placards caricaturing the mayor as Hitler, complete with the Fuhrer’s mustache”. -NY Times 4/8/2000 “Demonstrators of Old Spread Their Message in a New Era of Protest”

“I take a different view of someone comparing me to Adolf Hitler than when someone calls me a jerk.” Mayor Giuliani, N.Y. Daily News 10/25/1998

“NEW YORK (AP) — Former Mayor Ed Koch criticized Mayor Rudolph Giuliani on Wednesday for sharing a dais at a Martin Luther King Day event with an Austrian political leader who once praised the policies of Adolf Hitler. “Is that a place to celebrate Martin Luther King Day, to be on the same dais as the leader of the neo-Nazi Party in Austria?” -AP 1/19/2000 Giuliani Criticized by Koch

Newsday 8/18/89 Holocaust `Reminder’ Claimed “A concentration camp suvivor who witnessed the murders of his parents and five siblings at Auschwitz claimed that during questioning after his arrest on bribery charges he was placed before a blackboard bearing a Nazi slogan by former U.S. Attorney General Rudolph Giuliani’s office as part of an attempt to “break” him…Written on the blackboard was the German phrase “Arbeit Macht Frei.” The slogan, “Work Shall Set You Free,” adopted by the Nazi party, appeared over the gates at Auschwitz.”
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Robert Lederman, President of A.R.T.I.S.T.
(Artists’ Response To Illegal State Tactics)

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