Books We Recommend

Books we recommend by members and friends of NoSpray:

Our Toxic World
by Dr. Doris J. Rapp

This 510-page book is about chemicals and how they are hurting our children, all wildlife, our planet and us. Find out how to protect yourself and your loved ones, We have polluted our air, water, soil, food, homes, schools and workplace. Includes many references to the No Spray Coalition and the fight against pesticides in New York City and throughout the U.S.

Visit $24.95

Been Brown So Long It Looked Like Green To Me:

Been Brown So Long, It Looked Like Green To Me, The Politics of Nature
by Jeff St. Clair
Common Courage Press – $19.95; Amazon page here.

A comprehensive seven-part reader on environmental politics. Covering everything from toxics to electric power plays, St. Clair gives you a shocking view of how money and power determine the state of our environment. St. Clair names the culprits and exposes the deeds. The book opens with Oregon as a metaphor for the nation. Jeffrey St. Clair is an award-winning investigative journalist, co-editor of political newsletter CounterPunch and author of nine books.

The Permanent Carnival and Other Poems
by Mitchel Cohen
cover painting by Haideen Anderson

Red Balloon Books – $15 includes mailing. 66 pages.

Mitchel’s 2nd book of poems. To order, use PayPal mitchelcohen@(at), or send a check to:
Mitchel Cohen, 2652 Cropsey Ave., Brooklyn, NY 11214

Hooked on Raw
by Rhio

Chock-full of information about raw/live food lifestyle. Half the book is devoted to recipes that provide a delicious, gourmet surprise. The other half covers many health-related issues, such as bringing wild foods and organic foods into the diet, soil fertility, food irradiation, genetic engineering of seeds/plants, hybridization of seeds, fasting, rejuvenation and much, much more. Rhio gently guides you to the opportunity to make major changes in your lifestyle so that you can experience new awareness and vibrant health. (352 pages paperback)

Hooked on Raw $29.95

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