No Spray Coalition Board of Directors

*Mitchel Cohen, Coordinator
*Valerie Sheppard (R.I.P.)
*Jennifer Jager, Treasurer
*Cathryn Swan, Media Coordinator
Afrime Derti-Ottoway
Robert Lederman
Maris Abelson
Curtis Cost
Annette Averette
Howard Brandstein
Aton Edwards
* Member of Executive Committee

What began in 1999 as a tiny, isolated grassroots struggle in New York City against the spraying of Malathion to kill mosquitoes said to be carrying West Nile Virus has become a major effort with nation-wide consequences. Today, we align ourselves with many similar grassroots groups across the country and are inspired by their work. We share information, send our members to participate in anti-pesticide struggles elsewhere, and post their work to the NoSpray Coalition website.

Along the way, we have achieved numerous victories, such as

  • blocking multi-million dollar contracts to pesticide spraying corporations;
  • winning state-imposed fines of millions of dollars against a major contractor for poisoning its workers (thanks to the great work of the New York Environmental Law and Justice Project); and,
  • basically making the dangers of pesticides known to the vast number of people living in the New York metropolitan area.

And much, much more.

In the summer of 2000, the No Spray Coalition, Inc. filed a lawsuit as lead plaintiff against the New York City government (headed by then-Mayor Rudy Giuliani) to stop the pesticides spraying. Co-plaintiffs were:

  • No Spray Coalition, Inc.
  • National Coalition Against the Misuse of Pesticides, Inc. (now “Beyond Pesticides”)
  • Disabled in Action, Inc.
  • Save Organic Standards – New York (by its president, Howard Brandstein)
  • Valerie Sheppard
  • Mitchel Cohen
  • Robert Lederman
  • Eva Yaa Asantewaa

In 2005, federal court Judge Daniels ruled in favor of the Plaintiffs with regard to the main claim in interpreting the Clean Water Act. In 2007, NYC — the No Spray Coalition negotiated a stipulated Agreement with NYC (under a new Dept. of Health leadership). You can find those very important documents, including the all-important settlement agreement, on this website under “No Spray Lawsuit” — just click on that header, above. A number of other lawsuits across the country have found them to be very helpful.

Also, please download flyers from this site on the dangers of pesticide spraying and against the application of DEET and GLYPHOSATE, especially on children (DEET should never be used on children). Find informative scientific articles linking pyrethroids with breast cancer and dramatically lowered sperm counts. Please share (and send in more info!) on the alternative and non-toxic ways to address these issues. And, read our critique of the hysteria being orchestrated, first around West Nile, then Anthrax, SARS, Smallpox, Avian Flu and more, all “addressed” by officials who call in some cases for “quarantine camps” (Halliburton has already built them), more spraying, and mass inoculations as their answer, while ignoring the huge dangers of pesticides to people, animals, and the natural environment.

We can’t stress enough how important even a small contribution would be at this time. Thank you so much.

PayPal to Donate@NoSpray.org, or click on the “donate” button for credit cards. You may also send a check to:

No Spray Coalition
c/o Mitchel Cohen
2652 Cropsey Avenue, #7H
Brooklyn, NY 11214

*The No Spray Coalition is a not-for-profit organization registered with the State of New York, but it is not a 501-c-3; your contributions are NOT tax-deductible. However, if you wish to make a large contribution and deduct it from your taxes, please contact us beforehand.

We also want to acknowledge here those many wonderful initial organizers of this project who have since died — many from the effects of the pesticide spraying. We miss them all so very, very much and keep them dear in our hearts. They continue to inspire our thoughts and actions (and thinking of them and what they sacrificed just breaks us up in tears, and sometimes remembering them they make us laugh as well):

Valerie Sheppard (founding member & co-Treasurer)
Connie Holland
Bryna Eill
Frieda Zames
Grandpa Al Lewis
Ralph Klaber
Mike Pahios
Saralee Hamilton
Maria Kuriloff
Susan Blake

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  • Nancy

    What about the Daily spraying of chemicals All over Earth? NATO countries all get sprayed. This is an assault on humans and all life. The beginning of earth takeover. Check out http://www.thrivemovement.com & watch movie! I think so. No one speaks up? Thanks

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