Watch: How NYC Sprays Neighborhoods by Truck with Pesticides – You Won’t Believe It

It is hard to believe this dangerous pesticide spray program is still being conducted in New York City after more than 16 years.

Although there is a quick announcement by the NYPD squad car that precedes the spray truck — this is something the No Spray Coalition fought for; previously nothing announced the spray truck’s arrival — if you are on the street or in your house (or playing basketball or in a restaurant with the doors open, as No Spray Coalition members witnessed about eight years ago in Sunset Park), you likely do not have time at that point to get out of the way of the toxic spray.


6 thoughts on “Watch: How NYC Sprays Neighborhoods by Truck with Pesticides – You Won’t Believe It”

  1. Hi, is there any way you know of or any laws you know of to stop the county in my area from spraying near my house? I have repeatedly asked them to let me know in advance and they never phone me. They say the are putting my house on the list of places to not spray however they cannot guarantee it. How can they not guarantee it??

  2. just posted the wrong dates for the spray in my area, catching the public totally off guard!….

    they posted truck spraying on aug 19-21, yet they sprayed on the 15th… right in our faces! I woke up with extreme nausea and headache… someone messed up big time!!!

    • Hi Kai,
      Terrible. The only spraying they note for those dates is larvaciding and then actual pesticide spraying of pyrethroids on August 15th in the Bronx and Queens. Where are you?

      Thanks for letting us know. You could also reach out to your City Council person…

      No Spray Coalition


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